A limited access to training

Fourth article of the report : Contemporian spoken drama in Thailand, an imported practice which is still in its infancy but promising .

Bangkok, November 2014

Reading time : 10 min.

After the lack of audience, young Thai artists lack of « opportunities to train and practice ». Even if in ten years almost all the faculties of arts have created a theatre branch, there is no theatre schools, and the aspiring artists often find that the quality of the courses are not “very good”. And according to them, “good quality” means “like in Europe”, with a teacher teaching European methods, and ideally learnt in the West.


He is a very good teacher, he studied 5 years in Paris. (One of Kao’s students.)

Nonetheless, there are some platforms which give some workshops, but the supply remains very restrained whereas the demand keeps increasing. So the workshops’ prices are not affordable for everybody.


Yes, I've been to a number of workshop run by a fantastic organisation called Arts on Location (ed. Note : only created in 2008). Every year they provide a number of week-long workshops by international guest practitioners who are experts in their fields. I've been lucky enough to join workshops on Devised Theatre, Viewpoints, Michael Chekhov and Zygmunt Molik. In fact my involvement in those workshops was really the catalyst for going back to performing professionally, and 'Boxes' which was directed by Adjjima Na Patalung, the Artistic Director of Arts on Location, was a development of the work we had done together during the Devised Theatre workshop.”

(James, Bangkok Community Theatre)


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