Yuki Ellias' Rhythm lesson : European methods

Octobre 2014, The Drama School Mumbai

This month, we had been following the Drama School Mumbai's students and teachers, a drama school in the heart of Mumbai. 

Yuki Ellias is an actress and a drama teacher. She has been trained at Lecoq School in Paris and at the London International School of Performing Art. Currently, she teaches, twice a week, a lesson named « Rhtythm » at the Drama School Mumbai.


Yuki is competent, attentive and severe. The lesson starts with a long physical and vocal warming up. You walk in the room, you fill the space, you keep invloving your body and when Yuki says it, you repeat a tongue-twister such as « The tip of the tongue, the teeth and the lips ». During this diction exercise, Yuki stresses some words of the sentence, or put different intentions, different sound levels and the students have to repeat it the same way. On that day, the lesson will continue with a silent physical work with masks.


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