The traditional Indian singing lesson

October 2014, The Drama School Mumbai

This month, we had been following the Drama School Mumbai's students and teachers, a drama school in the heart of Mumbai. 

Mr Amod Bhatt, a traditional indian singing teacher at the Drama School Mumbai, is closely tied to theatre. He has been working with a lot of theatrical productions which make use of singing on stage, and especially traditional singing.

At the Drama School Mumbai, he works with a drone produced by a speaker from the beginning to the and of the lesson and with a harmonium (this drone is even turned on five minutes before when the singing lesson is the first lesson of the day, in that case, it sets the tone to the students for the morning prayer). From the beginning of the lesson, he plays along with the students who warm up in solo, duo or group.

A traditional indian song :

The day we are here, at the end of the course, the teacher ask to his students to stand up et to « perform » a particular song, either alone or with someone else, and to illustrate the song's lyrics bodily. This song is a tribute to Mumbai city, you must realise it very soon. It tells the beautiful things you can find in there, be careful, the air can be very easily stuck in your head...


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